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So you might know or might not know that i’m a huge kesha fan.I have been since before she was famous, and last summer we kind of became friends you can see that here , ofcourse not all of our time together this summer was filmed just the last bit. But i got to know her better as a person in real life. Needless to say i care for her SO MUCH. Now i’m not making this post to brag about this at all!! she has my phone number and we dm’d a few times but i haven’t even talked to her in months. I’m making this post because Kesha herself told me what kind of an evil fucking bully her producer AND boss Dr.luke is… you’ll never hear me complain about his music that i enjoy , altho i KNOW luke is keeping her from growing in music making music SHE wants to make and write about. but not only that LUKE IS A BULLY he calls kesha HORRIBLE things all the time ” disgusting , fat” just to name a few and that’s just a small part of his way in bullying her. She is only human and can only take so much and RIGHT NOW TMZ is reporting she is in rehab for an eating disorder. Look i know it’s TMZ and i don’t have to believe everything online. but right now i’m crying cuz i feel helpless , and here is praying it isn’t true! but NO MATTER IF IT IS TRUE OR NOT i want people to KNOW what kind of person DR.luke is.

i want people to HATE HIS GUTS and see him not as the nice pop hits producer but as the monster he is , cuz he in NO WAY deserves any kind of respect ever.

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